2nd August Singapore

The photo:


The chat: Our last whole day of the trip (sniff) passed way too quickly for our liking, although I’m sure our parents would disagree.  Our luggage for the last 5 months has been seriously restricted – we have 2 pairs of non cycling clothes each, and even with such a capsule wardrobe we just haven’t had room to buy any souvenirs on our travels (that’s the excuse we’re telling our families anyway). Consequently this morning we attempted to rectify the situation with a frenzied and futile dash around Singapore’s street markets. Unfortunately, we left empty handed – none of our family members are big lovers of gold plated fish, “I heart Singapore” mugs or waving cat ornaments, although Andy’s grandmother would no doubt have loved a “take me drunk I’m home” (sic) t-shirt for her 100th birthday present next week.

After a street-food pit stop, we checked out of  the wonderful Tree In Lodge – wonderful as our stay was, it was time to leave the 12 bunk bed dorm behind for one last night of luxury before our flight back to the UK. Our new home for the night – Naumi Hotel was a chilled out haven of boutiqueyness, and after a swim in their rooftop infinity pool we headed to the  Singapore National Museum. From the outside a beautiful colonial building, inside the museum is full of revamped and hi-tech exhibitions featuring antique silks, ancient paintings and flatscreen video screens – it sounds incongruous but in reality is amazingly well curated and engaging even for cultural philistines like us. The museum was completely deserted, bringing an eery feel as we wandered around room after room of unguarded but priceless artefacts.

After a dose of culture, it was time for our reward – dinner at one of Singapore’s best restaurants which was conveniently located in the museum itself. With only 7 tables, and an excess of Chinese antiques, it was an atmospheric dining experience, and we had some of the best chinese food I’ve ever eaten while reminiscing about the last few incredible months. To end a perfect evening, we toasted our luck with red wine on the rooftop of our hotel as we overlooked the impressive Singapore cityscape – the photos only begin to do it justice.

Only in Singapore…

Andy just about managing to keep a handle on his culture shock

Last supper




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3 Responses to 2nd August Singapore

  1. Alison says:

    Is this the last post? Have loved following your travels!

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