31st July: Singapore walking tour

The photo: 

The chat: Covering the colonial district, CBD, Chinatown, the brand new utterly excessive but architecturally compelling Marina Bay Sands and Kampong Glam – we walked for most of the day around what is a far more interesting, less sterile city than you might think. Yes, Singapore has more than its fair share of skyscrapers, but its compact size, culturally distinct districts and phenomenal architecture make for an interesting, traveller friendly experience.

Highlights were the very well presented Chinatown Heritage Centre (proving that life wasn’t always a ball in Singapore), Chinatown itself, the laser show at Marina Bay Sands, and the hip bars (and fixie-hangouts) at Kampong Glam.

And fear not, readers – we were never at risk of starvation on this epic tour of downtown Singapore. From mall food-court Bento boxes, to Chinese buns steamed to perfection, and onto an epic hawker centre at Lau Pa Sat where we were almost defeated by the enormous pork dumplings, we definitely consumed more calories than we burnt.

Not your average Hawkers centre

It was almost like being in Stratford

Andy struggling with such rampant consumerism

Country mouse + Big city

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