28th July: Tioman Islands

The photo:

The chat:

After another not so well earned lie-in we boarded a speedboat for a whistle-stop tour of the island’s best snorkelling spots. Coral bay more than lived up to its name with a Tropicana  underwater garden,  Shark Bay – not so much. But there were some very pretty fish. After a futile hunt for turtles and a successful one for ice cream, we spent the evening bar hopping over the island in search of a television showing the Olympics.

Pulau Tioman is an extremely laid back island with only a handful of places to stay, relatively few backpackers, and exceptionally languid locals it was surprising to hear that we were visiting the island during its Peak season.  With only 3 open restaurant on the main 2km stretch of beach and the island’s 3 bars (well, shacks with an ice box and a few divers) shutting before midnight it was impossible to do anything but chill out. After a short hunt we found seemingly the only internet connection and  television on the entire island. Unfortunately Malaysian TV had decided to focus their Olympic coverage on archery and shooting competitions (not spectator sports) so we gave up and headed for bed. Listening to waves lapping against the shore from our cosy beach hut at midnight Andy was suddenly overtaken by guilt that he wasn’t supporting Cav, Brad et al at their crucial time and headed out on the tandem for a solo tour of any bars showing the Road Cycling race.

Smug? Us?

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