27th July : Tioman Islands

The photo: 

The chat:

What to do today? Kayak rental is exorbitant ($50 US for a day) and the snorkelling trip had already left by the time we got our act together. There was nothing left for it but to go for a walk, an activity we’ve studiously avoided for most of the trip. The five hour there-and-back across the island in jungle heat and humidity seemed unnecessarily masochistic, so the coastal hike to Monkey Bay seemed like a good compromise.

A narrow undulating but well demarcated path starting from the north end of ABC led us through proper jungle forest (giant buttress rooted trees, vines hanging tens of metres above us, monkeys scampering in the canopy, prehistoric looking metre-long monitor lizards) to a wide arc of perfect yellow sanded beach, empty bar another couple of solitude seekers. We settled down to the tried and trusted routine of read, snooze, swim (more sharks!) before clambering back along to civilisation.

Watching the sunset over beer and pizza was recompense enough for missing London’s big day back home.

Jungle trekking-lite

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