23rd July: Kuala Terengganu to Kerteh

The photo:

I suppose it makes a change from palm trees

The route: 122km , 8122km total http://connect.garmin.com/activity/202252471

The chat: It’s called the ‘East Coast Highway’, and unfortunately the road, which does indeed hug Malaysia’s east coast, is most definitely a highway. Helmets on all day…

Rolling out of KT after breakfast served by a lady who used to be a nurse in London ‘before either of you were born’, we hit the moderately trafficked road 3, on which we stayed for the entire 120km today. Though we had some glimpses of the very pretty-in-parts east coast beaches, we were reminded we were most definitely on a major artery every time another truck thundered past.

During our lunch stop at Dungun (which thankfully has a significant minority of Chinese descendants, who unashamedly eat and drink right through Ramadam) the wind picked up and we suffered a stiff headwind for the remaining 50km to Kerteh. This inconsequential junction town specialises in overpriced hotels, but after five and a half hours in the saddle we were too tired to care, and handed over RM95 for a tired but okay room in the central and friendly Kerteh Lodge.

Conveniently situated within spitting distance of the Ramadam food market, we stumbled out to pick up our bodyweight in crispy chicken, curry, and murtabak. Too hungry to respect the official end of the fast, we tucked into the feast in the privacy of our private TV lounge – perhaps the hotel wasn’t such bad value after all…

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