21st July Perhenthians-Kuala Besut

The photo:

The chat:

After another morning spent underwater, we hopped on a speed boat and sadly waved goodbye to our island paradise. We rinsed the sand out of our hair in a not particularly special hotel in Kuala Besut, before wandering into town to eat. It was at this point that we realised the reason for the slight irritability and extreme lethargy of the town’s inhabitants – it was the first day of Ramadam and everyone over the age of 10 had just started the first of 30 days spent  fasting between 6am and 7 30pm. It is understandably considered pretty rude to eat or drink in front of anyone fasting, so it was with some relief (less so for us than those fasting, I’m sure) that the clock reached half seven and the town’s cafes and restaurants sprung into life as hundreds of hungry Muslims broke their fast.

Beats starbucks

Smiling through tears on leaving desert island bliss

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