20th July Perhenthians

The photo:

The chat:

During a morning spent route planning, it emerged that we had miscalculated the number of days left of our trip, leaving us with an extra day to fill somewhere. Looking around the white sandy beaches, gently swaying palm trees, and aquamarine water it wasn’t hard to choose where best to spend it. Difficult decisions over, we briefly deliberated going for a walk in the jungle, but the idea was dismissed by Andy  who most uncharacteristically was  too relaxed to move. We  spent the rest of the day in  our usual way – shark hunting (well, snorkelling), reading under the palm trees, and  drinking and eating under the stars.

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2 Responses to 20th July Perhenthians

  1. M & M says:

    Hi A & E – more stunning pics. Perhenthian Island may have just displaced Penang from top slot of Malaysian places to visit. One question though – how do you tell if a shark is friendly before it shakes your hand?
    Sorry Andrew to have been out when you called – but I’m sure you will have approved of my supporting the GB women’s team in the Surrey Hills. Great finish to watch on the box after getting back home with Lizzie A getting silver.
    Enjoy your last week on the road – here we really can say we are counting the days now!
    All our love

    • tandemasia says:

      Er… is this a joke? Something to do with a firm handshark perhaps?

      Just catching up on blogging and packing and last few days of hedonism in S’pore – we’re sectrely excited about heading home too

      A&E x

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