19th July : Perhenthian Island bliss

The photo:

Private beach lunch stop

The chat: Ah! Island life….Having visited 8 islands during the last year (yes, we realise how lucky we are), we’ve realised what makes us happy – kayaking to a private beach, a spot of snorkelling, followed by sunset drinks. All of the above were ticked today – after hiring the world’s heaviest kayak we spent the day lazily paddling around the island, dipping into private sheltered coves for some exceptionally good snorkelling. The water here is crystal clear, the coral reefs the healthiest we’ve seen, and the array of fish, turtles and sharks (nice ones) overwhelming. We paddled back as the sun set for a DIY cocktail hour outside our beach hut, and then headed to our favourite candlelit restaurant for an alfresco fish curry on the beach.

Not so private beach dinner stop

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One Response to 19th July : Perhenthian Island bliss

  1. Alison says:

    I read this to my husband. His reply was YUM! YUM! (to all of it, not just the food part). I think we have to include a little trip down here when we get to SE Asia. Sounds like heaven.

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