15th July : Trekking in the Cameron Highlands

The photo:

Happy to be off the bike

The chat:

Today we went for a walk. We’ve (pretty successfully) avoided this over rated activity up until now, claiming exemption because of our cycling exertions. But the Cameron Highlands is about walking (and strawberry themed souvenirs, and building sites) so we acquiesced to peer and guide book pressure and strode off on the imaginatively named ‘Route 10’ up a hill. One of the nice things about walking here (compared to other hiking hotspots in the region (Chiang Mai, Sapa etc.) is that routes are marked (after a fashion) and hiring a guide isn’t necessary.

En route, we picked up Katie from Ireland, Nina from Germany, and Andy, also from Germany, a fellow cyclist who’s been on the road for an impressive 14 months and counting. Great company!

The walk offered nice views from the summit, quiet jungle paths, an Orang Asli tribal village, and the odd electricity pylon. A pleasant afternoon/evening drinking wine, eating curry (with our new friends) and plotting our last few weeks’ travel followed this pleasant morning, but we couldn’t help but ask ourselves,’ why all the fuss about the Cameron Highlands?’ Certainly a welcome cool break from the humidity and heat of the coast, but rather miss-able, IMHO. Sorry!

Phonebox induced homesickness. Sniff.

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