13th July: Taiping to Ipoh

The photo:

Ipoh – Malaysia’s answer to Hollywood. possibly.

The route: 85km, total 7618km http://connect.garmin.com/activity/199898932

The chat:

Having heard great things about “supremely pleasant” Ipoh, last night we promised ourselves that we would get an early start to make the most of our time there. Sadly, this early start did not take place; the blame for which can be firmly attributed to the tepid congealing curry served to us last night at a Indian café who shall remain nameless; suffice to say, hygiene and saniation is not their strong point. 1g of ciprofloxacin and some immodium later we headed out into the midday 40 degree heat – not the ideal time to start a bike ride at the best of times, especially so when already a bit dehydrated and unable to stomach food/liquids. We plodded on very very slowly, and stopped for recuperative cokes and papayas at a roadside stall halfway. Thus fortified, we eventually made it to Ipoh – not a particularly enjoyable ride. It was still 38degrees when we arrived at 6pm, and we couldn’t face an exhaustive search of the town’s hotels, picking the second one we came to – a charming room in an underground carpark. Having not eaten all day our (admittedly not rigidly adhered to) budget was untouched, which meant we were able to hit up Nyonya restaurant Yum Yum hard, ordering blocks of crispy garlicky tofu the size of a small baby, pungent mango and cuttlefish salads, and succulent chicken in pandan leaves . The restaurant was packed with hordes of happy Malay families devouring the restaurants trade mark old school Thai-Chinese dishes, and the staff charitably managed to hide their surprise when we ordered enough food for 12 people.

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