5th July Trang – Lamphu

The photo:

You think this photo is dull – try looking at it for 6 hours.

The route: http://connect.garmin.com/activity/198597483 106km (total: 7164km)

The chat: The monsoon truly has caught up with us now, and for the fourth time in as many days we awoke to the sound of torrential rain. It was also raining through the ceiling in our room but we’ve come to accept this is what happens when you spend $10 on a room. All in all it was a bit of dispiriting wake up call from the last 3 blissful days of luxurious hotels and holiday villas. After rather optimistically delaying our departure by a couple of hours in hope that the rain would let up, we bid goodbye to the troupe of ants partying under our room’s sagging ceiling and bid a hasty retreat before the roof collapsed.

‘But it’s still raining’

The ride today was boring enough to ride, let alone read about, suffice to say it involved 5 hours of major roads, 4 hours of torrential rain, and very little chat. We arrived in Lamphu, a small town 60km from the Malaysian border in the early evening, cold and very wet. Having ridden around the town twice in a fruitless search for hotels, we finally alighted on a   sign in Thai writing which had the number 24 on it. Hoping that this meant 24 hours a day, we followed the arrow down a track until we reached the hotel. The owner looked surprised to see us, but was happy enough to rent a room to us, once he’d made some adjustments – in this case removing the large stash of condoms from the bedside table. On inspecting the (very clean) room further we realised that everything was covered in wipe down plastic, and realised that we we’d managed to book into a brothel again. Unfortunately there didn’t appear to be any other overnight options in town, and we couldn’t face heading back into the rain, so we duly unpacked. Actually, wipe down plastic is quite convenient after a wet day on the bike.

For dogs who travel

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  1. The Crew says:

    sounds terrrible !

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