4th July: Koh Lanta to Trang

The photo:

If I had an extra 20cm, I could pass as Norwegian

The route: http://connect.garmin.com/course/1561251 123km (7058km)

After another later-than-planned mammoth breakfast, we bid a fond farewell to our super Scandinavian hosts of the past few days, and retraced our steps first to Koh Lanta Noi and onto the mainland. With a light tailwind, we made decent progress to HW4 and then barrelled south in the tow of the trucks chugging down to the far south of Thailand. A timely lunch break as the rain started had as sitting smug and dry-ish over our curries, but as the downpour persisted, it became apparent we’d have to grit our teeth and press on in the rain.

A rare outing for the rain jacket


We rode on through endless rubber plantations (rubber is the major agricultural industry in the south west of the country), taking a Garmin special ‘shortcut’ which turned into an increasingly battered dirt road, and eventually we were forced back to the main road to Trang.

We arrived in Trang at 6pm, and checked into the not very special 1952 Hotel (presumably  referring to the last time it was cleaned) too wet and tired to check out our options. After a hot shower, we summoned the energy to head out to the excellent night market in this provincial city. Fearing it might be our last night market in Thailand we hit it hard, sampling fishcakes, fried chicken, coconut roti, a variety of curries and the ubiquitous papaya salad. Yum

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