30th June : Recovering in Krabi

The photo :

Boyd brothers normal reaction to a ice cream shop sighting

The chat: After yesterdays sleep-deprived caffeine fuelled 170km marathon (which, trust me, would have sounded a lot worse had it been my turn rather than Andrew’s to write the blog), we gingerly dragged our macerated bottoms out of bed and reached a rapid group decision that we were not setting foot anywhere near the saddles of torture today. 10 minutes and $5 later Andrew and Nick had found the perfect solution – a duo of not very powerful scooters. Soft-like-girl’s* last day was spent cruising Krabi’s mangroves swamps, limestone karsks, and we even took him on a creaky leaky wooden long boat in the middle of a small typhoon – lucky boy.  Monsoon season is not the best time to visit the West coast of Thailand, and today’s boat ride to Railay beach – a peninsula off Krabi (inacessible by road) provided a reminder of this – I spent much of what might normally be a scenic boat ride eyeing up the other 20 passengers to assess what my chances were of beating them to one of the boat’s 4 life  jackets. Fortunately the children on board stopped crying once we reached dry land.

To celebrate SLG’s final night before Andy and I were abandoned to another month spent staring wordlessly at each other across restaurant tables, we ordered a hit-list of Thailand’s best dishes, before celebrating the last night of my 20s in the appropriate style – drinking lurid cocktails on the roof of a backpackers bar surrounded by 18 year old gappers.


* a common term used by Thai women when referring to Nick.



Cropped, this photo looks impressive


Uncropped – not so much


The photo doesn’t do justice to this white-water vomit and adrenaline filled boat ride

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