29th June: Koh Tao to Krabi

The route: http://connect.garmin.com/course/1535058 but see below – 167km; total 6807 km

The photo:

Big day

The chat:

It was ironic that the GPS and computer chose today to finally end what had been a rocky relationship for a while, as it was our longest (if not our toughest) day so far. The Garmin claimed incompatibility issues, but we know all know the truth – his USB port just can’t handle data like it used to, if you know what I mean. So from now on the link at the top goes to our projected course for the day, not the far more interesting (!!) real life route we followed. Sorry.

Back to the ride, the troika barely spoke for the first 4 hours of the day, excusable as the night ferry from Koh Tao wasn’t super comfortable, sleeping cheek-by-jowl on choppy seas, and it pulled into port at 4 a.m, not the advertised 6 a.m. Still we had a nice early start, rolling away from the all night market at 6 a.m. We then rode through rubber plantations for 167km. It sounds quite boring, but actually it was quite fun, until a 20km wrong turn, sleep deprivation, downpours and the rolling hills eventually got to us.

We rolled into Krabi at dusk, checked into the splendid Chanchalay GH (http://www.chanchalay.com/) and then chomped our way through two very decent family size pizzas (‘3-4 people’ said the menu) at an Italian joint who’s name unhelpfully escapes me.

DIY map

What we drink when things are bad – Thailand’s answer to Red Bull

Rubber trees – we passed 1,216,342 of these today

Still smiling – after downpours and 160km

Very wet


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