27th June : Island life, Koh Tao

The photo : 

The chat: A blissful day spent relaxing on the island Boyd brothers style…in other words, a 7am start for an all day kayaking expedition. Luckily initial aspirations to circumnavigate the entire island (a 40km trip) were swiftly dispelled as we plunged through 9ft (ish) waves breaking into our kayak. Feeling a bit vomity, we manned up, armed ourselves with snorkles and fins, and settled for a more relaxed paddle along the south and east coasts where, we had been promised, the best fish/coral reefs/beaches were. The rest of the day passed in a satisfying haze : paddle kayak-dive off kayak-snorkle in reef-paddle to next beach repeated ad nauseum until a good beachside fish bbq is found. The return journey was accompanied by schools of dolphins frolicking under a hazy sunset – beats my normal commute to work.

If you have to do admin -at least do it at sunset on the beach.

Desperately trying to reduce the cycling short tan lines

I miss my Speedos

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