26th June: Chumphon to Koh Tao

The route: To the ferry port (10km), then a comprehensive tour of all the budget accommodation options on Ko Tao – 20km (est) – 6630km total

The photo:

Our balcony

The chat: As Thai island-hopping veterans (we’d been to Koh Chang once) it was time to show Nick what all the fuss was about. At 6 a.m. the fuss was about getting packed and on the bikes to the port at Chumphon for the very backpacker-unfriendly departure of 7 a.m. (incidentally fellow bikers, your legs and wallet will thank you for taking the Songserm ferry over the Lompraya cat.; the former is half the price for bikes, and the departure port 15km closer to Chumphon). We felt very old as we eschewed the drinking games of our fellow ferry passengers in favour of bad coffee and 7-11 banana cakes.

Arriving at Koh Tao, it was clear why this little isle is such a favourite for beach lovers and divers alike – crystal clear water laps white beaches, and that’s just at the ferry port. After a comprehensive tour of the paved west coast guesthouse options, we settled on the well priced and friendly JP resort on Chalok Baan Kao (http://www.jpresort.asia/).

The afternoon and evening were spent slowing down to the island groove – swimming, blogging, drinking whisky & soda overlooking the splendid bay, and only leaving the guest house to wander down the beach for burgers and ice cream; there are some advantages to tourist ghettos…

Backpackers love Thai islands

Cocktails and skype – a dangerous combo

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