25th June: Bang Saphan Yai – Chumphon

The photo:

Mission control

The route : http://connect.garmin.com/activity/192612565 108km , total 6600km

The chat : Today’s route was another hot coast hugger – just how I like them. What neither I nor Nick (hardened coffee addicts) particularly enjoyed was riding the entire day without coffee. A desperate and ultimately fruitless search during the first 40km of riding (during which neither of us spoke) eventually culminated at a 7-11 selling a coffee-lite milkshake drink which had as much effect as a tablet of paracetamol for a morphine addict.

The rest of the day crawled past in a drawn out agony of headaches, limb tremors and hallucinations, but luckily we made it to the other side thanks to a combination of endless white sandy beaches, freshly grilled fish, and sunshine. Chumphon – the nearest town to the harbour which we were to use tomorrow as a jumping off point to the Thai islands off the gulf coast, has much to recommend it as an over night stopover – a great night market, a branch of everyone’s favourite Americana ice cream parlour (Svensens), and (great joy), a multitude of coffee shops.

Another healthy breakfast

Seeing Thailand, rather than Andy’s back, for the first time.

Boyd brothers struggling to keep up

Nick craftily offered me a go on his flighty road bike while he rode the sturdy tandem just before this prolonged section of ditches/potholes/rutted tracks started – the boy is an evil genius

View from our lunch stop

Grimacing through the caffeine withdrawal

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One Response to 25th June: Bang Saphan Yai – Chumphon

  1. Chump says:

    Eventually we all grow to enjoy those 7-11 instant coffees – out of necessity 😉

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