24th June – New video + Prachuap Kiri Khan – Bang Saphan Yai

The photo :

I think we’re lost again

The video : Nick asking some incisive questions http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eHW_1s7m9_0&feature=related

The route: http://connect.garmin.com/activity/192612591  additional accidental off road option not recommended! 102km , total 6492km

The chat: After a fun day spent hugging the toilet bowl (the ultimate way to prepare for the forthcoming bikini fest on Koh Tao), it was time to brave the outside world for a 102km ride to the next small fishing village along the coast. The ride was a beautiful one, winding its way past white sandy beaches and through avenues of palm trees, and the kilometres passed speedily thanks to a combination of spectacular scenery and endless hypothesising care of Dr Nick B.

So engaging was our chat about animal taximonical classifications/power ratios  that we missed a turn in the road and ended up weaving 10km through dense forest along a tiny track which grew narrower with each passing kilometre. The only person we passed in an hour was an old man with a big gun – not reassuring. The rest of the ride took in temples, massive buddhas, and some video fun – see the link above if you’re easily entertained/very bored.

We rolled into Bang Saphan Yai , a quiet fishermans village with a beautiful and empty sandy beach in time for several games of Boules, a quick sea swim, and the best Massaman curry in Thailand, before another night tucked up with both Boyd brothers – what a lucky girl I am.

View from the back of the tandem – beats the regular one of Andy’s back any day.

Tiger country. Probably.

Dr B trying and failing to apply some positive psychology techniques.

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