21st June – Phetchaburi – Hua Hin

The photo:

Not the A35

The route:  http://connect.garmin.com/activity/191216897 – this one’s worth checking out for the bit where we got lost and rode through the Thai Gulf. 72km  – 6230km total

The chat: The search for coffee started earlier then yesterday but finished later. Since leaving Bangkok it was becoming harder to find baristas sporting mobile Gaggia espresso machines for our morning caffeine hit. Andrew was more concerned about nutritious food options but as established addicts, Emma and I were focussed on one thing. After scoring a rather weak dose of our legal drug, we set out into the heat, heading south on raised dirt roads between paddy fields and then onto a  wonderful coastal road, separated from the sea only by a white sand beach and the occasional palm tree. In an attempt to stay as close to the coast as possible, we ended up the wrong side of an airforce base as we neared Hua Hin and were eventually forced onto this beach. We concluded it was better to look at than it was to cycle on with pannier-laden road bikes and slick tyres. However, it was a perfect route for touring and ended in the seaside resort for Thai families. We ate far too much seafood, made the difficult decision to resist local thai products by opting for an ice cream-chocolate fondue in Svenson’s and then ended up sharing a triple room. Emma said it was the “best way to end a brilliant day”.

Minimalist road arch demonstrating Thailand’s love of their king.

Guest blogger and fellow lycra lover Nick Boyd struggling to keep up – as usual

Luxury 5 star grazing pastures

Missing tarmac

Example #4354 : Why you should never completely trust your gps

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