20th June: Bangkok to Phetchaburi

The route: http://connect.garmin.com/activity/191216915 (116km, total 6158km)

The photo:

The ultimate in convenience food – a market on railway tracks

The chat: We, and the hotel staff, knew the routine. Unlike the previous day, we did actually leave the city and apart from a puncture after few miles, the ride out of the city was surprisingly pleasant even by following the more direct highway 35. I know that Tandemasia does not have an official support crew, but it was on this road that I witnessed an apparently common phenomenon of a 2L bottle of coke being handed to Emma at 30mph from the back of an Range Rover. I can’t see that happening on the A303 back home. We arrived at Samut Songkhram for another lunch of Thai curry, rice and then the mandatory 30p cornetto ice cream. Space for stalls is clearly at a premium in the middle of towns and SS solves this by using the railway tracks as available (most of the time) market space. We didn’t wait to see the chaos (or tragedy) that takes place every time a train passes but the sellers didn’t seem too worried. After our midday break we headed south along much quieter backroads, passing vast fish and shrimp farms, before arriving in Phetchaburi. For the benefit of future tourers the town either offers very cheap rooms in the centre or expensive ($40/night) hotels out of town. After the usual tandemasia approach of viewing all options before making an informed decision, by far the best place we found in town was Sabaidee Resort in town.  With a rather odd choice of highlights on their sign (Room, Steak, food, fresh coffee, Thai massage) this small hotel is run by a wonderful Thai lady who also loves to have bikes in her hallway.

Em supervising puncture repair – 5km and $50 after leaving the bike shop – oops.

Railway market

Sabaidee GH

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