14th June: Si Satchanalai to Sukhothai

The route: http://connect.garmin.com/activity/189144406 (67km; 5961km total)

The photo:

Photographic evidence: we are not total Philistines

The chat: We very nearly skipped Si Satchanalai, the less famous of the two historical parks,  in favour of big brother Sukhothai but we’re very glad we didn’t. As the only tourists – domestic or foreign – we were left to explore the tumbledown ruins in total peace. Peace, excepting the constant squawking, gargling and gurgling of literally thousands of huge herons who clearly dig the ruins too. This, coupled with the three big snakes we spotted made for an Indiana Jones style adventure, battered cowboy hat replaced with ANSI approved cycle helmets.

Bell-shaped wat

Jake the snake

700 year old buddha; tricivara (wrap) contemporary

After saturating the cultural bit of our brains (one hour, forty-two minutes), we cruised the short flat ride to Sukhothai. We lunched at a bizarrely named restaurant (see photo below) and then checked into the very decent and also oddly named 4T guesthouse – good value if you haggle.

A selection of keenly priced ‘point and thou shalt receive’ curries rounded out a good, if rather hot, day.

At least it’s memorable


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