13th June : Lampang to Si Satchanali

The photo:

8 30pm, 10km to go, broken bike lights…time for ice cream.

The route:http://connect.garmin.com/activity/189144422  a long flattish 137km  (5894km total)

The chat: Today’s ride was loooong. After procrastinating in  a big way we headed out into the morning rain to try and notch up 137km before dusk.Gulp. The ride itself was pretty unexciting and mainly on a busy rainy highway, with a constant stream of lorries through guaranteeing we were thoroughly soaked by the time we broke for lunch in a tiny village. The cook in the village’s one cafe was so excited at the arrival of two westerners into the village for apparently the first time and rather optimistically envisaging this as a sign of an imminent influx of hordes of tourists, promptly announced his plan to open a Western pizzeria. 130km later we crawled into Si Satchanali at 7pm, congratulating ourselves on making it there just as the sunset.Unfortunately these congratulations swiftly dissolved after a comprehensive ride around the town revealed that there were no hotels or guesthouses in the town, with the nearest one 10km away – a bit gutting as we were already pretty exhausted. Given that it was by now completely dark we decided to eat and then pedal on – an exhilarating ride given that it was by now 9pm and on an unlit road without bike lights*.

*Don’t worry parents we have now bought some lights.

This basic roadside stall was equipped with Gaggia bean grinder and sold amazing cappucinos for 50p. #541 in “reasons we love Thailand”

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One Response to 13th June : Lampang to Si Satchanali

  1. The Crew says:

    Soory to state the obvious, but would it not be a good idea to carry a spare set of lights for such eventualities?
    The Crew.x

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