12th June: Chiang Mai to Lampang

The route: http://connect.garmin.com/activity/189144436 63km: 5757km total

The photo:

A monk watches over the motorway


The chat: Despite our best efforts with Google maps, paper maps and GPS we couldn’t devise a route that avoided the busy Route 11, the main thoroughfare out of Chaing Mai. Nonetheless, it wasn’t a bad ride – the local road to Lamphun was pleasant in a provincial kind of way, and, when we hit Route 11 the Thai truck drivers respected our diminutive size and gentle pace, giving us lots of room as they passed. Lunch was taken at a roadside diner run by the enthusiastic Johnny, who was mighty impressed at our journey.

The last few clicks into Lampang were thankfully on a quiet country road, and after settling into the friendly and nicely located (if a little pricey) Riverside Guesthouse and wandered into town. The Lonely Planet came up trumps with the phenomenally popular Aroy One Baht, where an army of chefs churned out excellent North Thai dishes with astonishing rapidity.

Johnny – proprietor of a remarkably good roadside diner


Off Route 11!


View from the Riverside Guesthouse



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