9th June Hot – Chiang Mai

The photo:

Not lucozade

The route:http://connect.garmin.com/activity/187812873 94km on a dual carriageway, 5653km total

The chat :

An exciting day –no hills! coffee shops everywhere! the promise of hitting up a big city for some weekend partying (well, at least a bedtime extension to 10pm)!  Even 100km on a  busy dual carriageway did nothing to dull the excitement of heading to Chiang Mai where, it was fabled, elephants roamed the streets, and iced Margaritas were available. Thus inspired we pedalled extremely fast to Chiang Mai, stopping only when our tyre split open like an unpricked sausage halfway down the dual carriageway – thankfully we had a spare.

Sick tyre

Having negotiated some serious traffic we arrived into the city hot and sweaty and flopped outside the nearest restaurant bar for a pitcher of iced Margaritas and disgusting amount of Mexican food. Drinking a pitcher of cocktails while tired and slightly dehydrated was probably not the best idea and we had to head back to the hotel for an urgently needed sleep. Emerging several hours later we went for a rather token walk around the backpacker district before devouring woodfired pizzas and a carafe of red wine to the soundtrack of 101 best opera classics. Total (but deserved) gluttony.

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