6th June Mae Hong Son – Khun Yuam

The photo:

The route:http://connect.garmin.com/activity/186151325 66km of riding a rollercoaster,  5357km total

The chat:

One of the joys of sleeping in the back of a coffee shop was obvious on waking this morning and being able to obtain a perfectly drawn cappuccino 5 metres and 5 seconds from my bed – am pretty sure they don’t do this in Starbucks. Today’s ride was due to be fairly short so we made up on any exercise defecit by climbing 400 odd steps to a huge white Wat perched 200m above the rest of Mae Hong Son  – if the clouds had cleared we and multiple Buddha’s would have had an amazing view.

After spending a long time on a fruitless search in a huge market for chickpea porridge ( apparently a local  Burmese speciality) we breakfasted on dahl and headed off to climb more hills (sorry knees).  Stopping at the top of a particularly arduous climb, we met a group of Australian men doing the loop on motorbikes – they clearly thought we were absolutely crazy to be eschewing 1000cc motors for a bought-on-ebay bicycle.

Khun Yuam, a small and quiet village, none the less had everything we required of a stopover – 2 guesthouses, 1 restaurant,  a 7-11 selling cornettos. It also had a Japanese-Thai friendship war memorial museum which tragically was shut on our arrival. Fortunately after a double chocolate magnum and Singha beer Andy was just about able to come to terms with this disappointment.

Chilling with the bikers

10 photos of the King – standard requirements for any Thai restaurant.


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2 Responses to 6th June Mae Hong Son – Khun Yuam

  1. M & M says:

    Hi to you both
    Well done for keeping up such great chats and photos – but are you sure the road sign doesn’t mean “beware of metabolic syndrome bikers”. Should help in readjusting to the prospect of return to Blighty!
    All our love as ever X

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