3rd June: Muesli and meditation

The photo:

And if not, there’s always the garmin gps

A thoroughly restful day was spent in Pai chilling with  the hippies, contemplating a meditation retreat at “the womb”, and generally finding ourselves. Sadly no deep revelations were achieved despite such a high concentration of tofu/bean sprouts/dolphin tattoos, but we did achieve some high class eating at various cafes/street stalls around town, and manage to find an enterprising  local  doing a roaring trade in “hippies smell” tshirts. An afternoon swim in our guest house’s pool (ecologically plant filtered, obvs)and blissful Thai massage did ensure a certain zen like calm, albeit not enough to challenge the glazed expression displayed by many harem panted travellers who looked like they’d been chilling out in Pai for several years too many.

Luckily, where you find hippies, you  also find art, and Pai’s soporific alleyways came alive with rows and rows of pop up art galleries, shops selling kooky clothes, and drinks and roti stalls. We topped up our bike sticker collection and headed for home before the urge to get some hair braids and an eyebrow piercing took over.

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One Response to 3rd June: Muesli and meditation

  1. Brent says:

    Hi Andrew & Emma,
    Great to see you guys are still on the road and hit the real food area of Thailand.
    We are unfortunately home now but did survive our adventures along the way including the south of Laos after meeting you guys in Luang Prabang.
    Hope you are both well.
    Take care
    Brent, Kylie, Maddi & Jett

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