29th May: Chiang Rai rest day

The route: From the most excellent Baan Norn Plearn B&B (k-sripan@hotmail.com – phone number on photo below) to the equally excellent Fat Free bike shop (fatfreebikeshop@gmail.com – phone number on photo below)

Wat a bad pun

The chat: What we loosely refer to as an ‘admin day’ in low key but welcoming Chiang Rai, NE Thailand. Blogging, skyping, discussing with the lovely Chompoo at FF bikes the cause of the bike’s mis-shifting (and handing it over to her mechanic for a new rear mech and cable), checking out the town’s shiniest Wats (the museum was closed, dammit) and of course, eating.

Cheap tasty food + big portions = happy bike tourer

DIY breakfast at the very homely central and cheap Baan Norn Plearn, lunch at a dim sum joint in town, grazing at the street market in the late afternoon, and then dinner at the LP recommended Lung Eed Locol (sic) Food – delicious laap gai (spicy carpaccio-esque pork) and fish roe sweet and sour soup. Why can’t all SE Asian provincial towns offer such a wealth of culinary delights?

p.s. read http://www.nytimes.com/2012/06/01/opinion/10000-days-of-hun-sen.html?_r=1 – the story of one of the less famous despots of the world, just over the border in dear old Kampuchea. Thanks Jam for the link.

Love me love my B&B

Emma messing around at another temple – you really can’t take her anywhere

Our new LBS

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