25th May : Lazy lunching,Luang Namtha

 The photo:

The Boat Landing : So good they’ve even written a book about it.

 A highly enjoyable morning was spent route planning while sitting in our cosy guesthouse munching thai omlettes and smugly waving goodbye to backpackers heading out into torrential rain to endure a 3 day jungle trek. When the rain finally stopped and no lightening bolts had hit the courtyard for a 10 minute interval, we headed off for on a motorbike (sorry Rudy) to check out some bumpy dust roads connecting the nearby tribal villages. What would have been hell on a tandem (bumps/river crossings/no tarmac etc) was just so easy on a motorbike, leaving us to briefly fantasise about engineering a permanent swap. We decided against it ultimately; mainly on the grounds that we wouldnt be able to eat so much if we weren’t exercising all day, and also that our long suffering and slightly anxious parents would probably stage an intervention.

After a slightly off -piste trek/grade 3 rock climb up a waterfall , and a few Wats, we found a riverside restaurant to relax by over a long lunch. The place was deserted but things started looking up when we found that the restaurant had written and published its own very professional looking cookery book, and specialised in North Laos food. We had a feast of noodles, sticky rice, jeow (blackened chilli and aubergine paste), fish with ginger, and stirfried kale, just to make sure we throroughly tested it’s credentials. Exhausted from the carb overload and lack of activity, Andy promptly fell asleep on the restaurant table for an hour or so. The waiters looked completely untroubled by the sight of a farang gently snoring beside his sticky rice – totally normal behaviour for a country as laid back as Laos.

Daydreaming about how much easier this whole trip would be on a motorbike…

Hope this waterfall was more impressive out of dry season

No job too big or small for our Handyman par excellence



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2 Responses to 25th May : Lazy lunching,Luang Namtha

  1. Andrew says:

    Love reading your blog, so glad you have kept cycling and using up thousands of calories every day so we can hear of your Billy Bunter food stories – the waterfalls hills vistas etc you can keep it, as long as we can have choco lotto with the occasional cuddly animal and sweet looking children, oh yes pictures descriptions of how hot it is also appreciated. Have taken every morning to using the exercise bike for 5 minutes to try and get myself in the mood to read your blog (have to say after 1 minute 30 seconds have had enough). I wanted to move exercise bike into store cupboard with heater up to full and cover myself in cling film spray some DDT about(we have lots left) to get full effect but store cupboard filled with yellow haversack mosquito netting water purifying kits etc that we bought back from Nam Hai.

    • tandemasia says:

      Ha! Now rainy season is here to get the full effect its best to alternate sauna sessions with a full power water cannon. And get the dog to chase behind barking alot. And crank the resistance up to 10 for 6 hours! The good news is that you’re allowed as many cornettos as you want afterwards xxx

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