21st May: Waterfalls and Wats

The route: http://connect.garmin.com/dashboard?cid=1325801 A quick out-and-back to some beautiful waterfalls : 60km, total distance 4372km

The photo:

The chat: Another super fun, super hedonistic rest day. After breakfasting on melt-in-the-mouth pain au chocolat outside a street side patisserie (the “silver lining” to any French invasion), we decided to take a day trip with Rudy, who appeared a bit disgruntled after missing out on the swimming pool action yesterday. We had heard that there were some amazing waterfalls 30km out of town, equipped with rope swing, Bounty advert recreation opportunities, and roadside stalls of grilled fish and cold beer- all the ingredients one needs for a happy rest day.

We arrived early, hoping to have the waterfalls to ourselves. Unfortunately, we hadn’t counted on the site’s local residents – 12 large brown bears, who were happily lounging in hammocks in the waterfall’s own bear sanctuary, separated from us by a rather flimsy looking 4 foot wire fence. The waterfalls themselves were incredible (and we have been to quite a few in the last few months) – azure blue cascades, set amongst almost untouched jungle, with hundreds of natural plunge pools full of incredibly clear water and some rather nibbly fish. We spent a happy few hours playing on the rope swing, swimming,hiking and eating freshly grilled fish and papaya salad – bliss.

A tough afternoon was followed by an even more challenging evening spent playing scrabble and drinking cocktails on the balcony of a bar perched over the river -a combination of severe relaxation and Lao Lao (the local rice whisky) ensured some seriously pathetic scrabble scores.

Le petit dejeuner

That classic combo – waterfalls, and bears.

Monks have to go on day trips too.

Picnicking by the waterfall

Tarzan/Andrew Boyd – its so hard to tell them apart

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6 Responses to 21st May: Waterfalls and Wats

  1. lucy says:

    O my gosh you are so close to the bear. Were you not worried it was going to eat you? It looks pretty massive. Was it wild or was it mates with the monks?

  2. Charlie says:

    Emma, great tan marks on those cycling legs. That’s a souvenir that will last a few years!

  3. Lucy says:

    Bear danger http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bear_danger I get more like mummy every day. Please wear helmets when visiting bears

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