19th May – Nong Khiaw to Luang Prabang – 141km (total – 4312km)

The route: http://connect.garmin.com/activity/179910398 (straight forward, good road the whole way with food available at 20-30km intervals) 141km

The photo:

The best sort of riding – flat valley road with towering mountains on all sides

The chat: A long but uneventful day’s riding – which was a good thing. No navigation disasters, good tarmac the whole way, not too hot, and not too hilly. (Actually we climbed 1400metres without really noticing, so the Vietnamese hills plus lots of days off must have helped our fitness).  A pretty idyllic ride all told – mountain views the whole way as we wound our way along the Nam Ou.

Arriving in LPB (as it shall now be referred to) was a joy too – having pre-booked our accommodation at the wonderful Sita Norasingh guesthouse (boutique quality at hostel prices – really) we were able to roll straight to the door and into the shower – none of the usual faffing around with a tour of the town, dehydrated and famished. After moules frites at a pricey but nice Belgian restaurant we hung with the young hipsters at Utopia, where we were the oldest drinkers by a country mile, lounging about on daybeds watching Danny Mackaskill shorts- the joys of life in tourist haunts…

Sadly this (Colombian sponsored) initiative is no longer running

Simple hamlets along the way

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