18th May: Nong Khiaw rest day

The route: To a nearby cave and back

The photo:

View from our cabana

The chat:

Although a rest day wasn’t really called for, languid Laos seems to encourage impromptu stops and once we’d been offered a discount if we stayed two nights by the lovely landlady at the GH we settled on (sorry fellow travellers, can’t recall name but it’s behind Sunset GH and very decent) the decision was made. Nong Khiaw is a wonderfully situated riverside town, definitely worth a couple of nights or more.

We had a pretty lazy day, enjoying the views, catching up on bike and blog maintenance, failing to find a path up to one of nearby peaks (we didn’t look all that hard) and cycling a few clicks to a nearby cave that was apparently used as an administrative base for the entire province back in the bad old days of the U.S carpet bombing. Not much to look at now, the extensive multi-level cave network had offices, a health centre, a bank and all the other amenities that the provincial capital would need. Clichéd perhaps, but it does seem anomalous that such a peaceful chilled out country suffered such extensive bombardment so recently.

Mythical LPB tomorrow!

You can have any colour as long as it’s cornflour blue

Location location location




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