29th April Halong City – Tien Yen 88km (3223km total)

The photo:

Not a particularly scenic day

The route: http://connect.garmin.com/activity/173860029

The chat: The problem with writing a blog entry a week or so later than the actual day concerned is that memories of the day itself have faded into a background of gently melting tarmac, people in strange hats, and pho. Normally, our collective memories can be revived by looking at photos taken on the day, or consulting the route map. Today – nothing. I remember leaving Halong City, but the rest of the ride remains a blur. The 3 photos we have of the day consist of the one above, a photo of a bottle of lemon squash, and of an oil tanker – hardly sensational and hardly likely to jog the memory. All we can conclude is that the ride itself was fairly dull (although Andrew does recall a French Bakery and some rather good banana cake), and that the small town we stayed in was rather unexciting.

Unsurprisingly, the one bit I can remember was dinner – after being refused entry to the one cafe in town (we’re not really sure why – possibly our calves were too big), we ended up in a rice shop cum living room eating rice and a watery soup while being scrutinized intently by a 3 year old semi naked toddler. Touristy Halong suddenly seemed a long way away.

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