24th April – another rest day

Street side ENT surgery - this is all your fault Lansley

The chat:

Determined to achieve slightly more today than just eating, we braved the Hanoi traffic and headed to the Women’s museum on our tandem to learn about Women and Womanly things (cupcakes/hair straightners/One Direction etc etc). Disapointingly the museum was surprisingly lacking on Autumn/Winter 2012 Fashion tips, but offered some genuinely fascinating exhibits on tribal life/beliefs and practices regarding marriage and child birth/womens role in the Vietnam war and some rather excellent cut out models of tribes women that we could put our faces in for culturally appropriate photos (see below). Given that neither of us really like museums (sorry parents) and that AB has the attention span of a goldfish with ADHD it says something for the museum that we spent an absorbing 2 hours there.

The traditional post museum reward – ice cream sundaes – out of the way, we headed to the Cathedral area for more exciting noodle/dumpling/soup dishes and phenomenal coffee. Both of us are complete coffee addicts and while the coffee so far has been pretty good we haven’t managed to find anything to rival the creamy flat whites at Battambang’s fave café Kinyei. The coffee in Hanoi was out of this world amazing – the two specialities – iced coffee with yoghurt, and coffee with egg white were both a million times better than they sound. We drank cups and cups of these in various tiny cafes hidden high above the streets of Vietnam, overlooking the lake, with cats purring by our side – bliss.

Our final evening in Hanoi (sniff) was spent lingering over pizzas and red wine in a trattoria straight out of Rome. It was going to be hard to leave.


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