14th April – Thakhek to Veang Kham 119km (total: 2315km)

The route: http://connect.garmin.com/activity/169308228

Bike tourists beware! The offroad route mapped here is bumpy and slow. If we’d known, we’d have stuck to the shorter sealed ‘main’ road which was still pretty quiet traffic wise, and probably prettier.

The photo:

More street parties

The chat:

You win some you lose some… We had hoped to repeat our success of 12th April by staying away from the main road until the last few clicks, instead following the Mekong on unsealed tracks. Once again, local advice was equivocal – some seemed to think the road was fine, others were unconvinced. The route was rideable, but a butt-bruising, arm-shaking rutted mess nonetheless. And while the New Year festivities continued, they were certainly more subdued – I guess subsistence farming can’t be put on hold for a waterfight or ten. Nonetheless, we were still fed mid morning beer by girls who should have known better, and held up at roadblocks by marauding, waterpistol-toting teenagers who took great delight in drenching us with buckets of water. We rolled into Veang Kham, rather battered, for the ubiquitous pho (yawn) and a pretty dire hotel. But we had The Killing to catch up on, so it wasn’t all bad.

Prowling street gangs

Foot patrol

The only smooth bit of road

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2 Responses to 14th April – Thakhek to Veang Kham 119km (total: 2315km)

  1. Mariola says:

    Dear, drenched A & E – how long does this soaking festival go on? Shall we send out umbsums? (Family joke).
    I’m slightly concerned about the casual way Emma is clutching her Kalashnikov – she looks alarmingly at home with it – Andrew beware!
    Much love to you both and keep pedalling safely,
    M x

  2. Libby Liebschutz says:

    I have to confess — David finally forwarded the link to your blog to me only today. It’s a rainy Sunday afternoon and I’ve been so mesmerized by your adventures that I’ve read the entire 6 weeks worth of blog all in one sitting. What an amazing trip, and how well you are capturing it, for the benefit both of your own memories and of all us vicarious arm-chair travelers! Thanks!

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