6th April – Pakse to Paksong 58km (1804km total)

The photo 

The route : http://connect.garmin.com/activity/165867635

The chat:

Today was only 60km, but every single metre was uphill. We progressed in a snail like climb, occasionally cursing heavy items of kit for slowing us down so much – the hammocks, in particular , which have been used only once so far in a month of cycling received a lot of abuse. Happily for us the route was broken by 2 spectacular waterfalls, so any time the going got a bit too hot we were able to divert from the road down dusty tracks and dive into an icy cool plunge pool.

The last few hours of the ride were spent climbing up to 1500m above sea level – the temperature dropped from 38 C to 16C and then continued to decrease when a massive thunder storm caught up with us – lightening pierced the sky in a rather dramatic fashion as heavy rain fell and it was a relief to arrive in Paksong. Paksong itself is rather a one street town, and not somewhere we will rush back to. We spent a fun 2 hours trying and failing to catch the hundreds of insects resident in our pretty disgusting room before heading out to a Lao fun fair. It was an interesting anthropological experience – especially the bouncy castle where all health and safety rules seemed to have been disregarded with

the whole castle sagging under the weight of hundreds over overexcited children, however we did think rather wistfully of english fun fairs, coconut shies, and toffee apples – grilled frog (?) kebabs did not quite compensate.

This sign was rather hopeful

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