3rd April 2012 – rest day Don Khon

The photo:

We had to use the solo bikepark as the tandempark was full


Today we maxed out our one day on Don Khon and Don Det, favourite haunts on the well beaten SE Asia backpacker trail. A very gentle cycle around this island in the middle of a wide section of the Mekong took us first to the ‘Vegetable Patch’ an organic, vegetarian home garden and café run by a French couple, who used to make goat’s cheese in France. I do admire people like this who throw caution (i.e. steady income, pensions, good health care etc) into the wind to follow their dreams, and create something wonderful and unique in doing so. The menu runs to two mains and two desserts, and they were all excellent.

After a few rounds of pentaque we rolled on, first to an idyllic swimming spot at the base of a series of spectacular waterfalls, and then to spot the elusive Irrawaddy dolphins, now found only in a three of four sections of the Mekong. Much like the inhabitants of and visitors to 4000 Islands, these creatures are pretty relaxed for dolphins. No showboating out-of the-water dives for these guys, more lazy dusk fishing. We spotted their gently arching backs by the fading light as we bobbed about on a little boat – a great day!


Another sunset, yawn...


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