April 2nd – Stung Treng to Don Khon (Laos!) – 74 km (Total 1570km)

The route: http://connect.garmin.com/activity/164959180

The photo:

The route : http://connect.garmin.com/activity/164959180

The chat : Today was not a fitting farewell to Cambodia. The rustic  restaurant in our rustic lodge last night had clearly not had a guest for several months, and in retrospect had probably been saving the same piece of meat left over from the last guest for us. A night and morning spent vomiting and hunting for rats/termites attacking our bags was not the best preparation for a 70km cycle ride, and although I was finally able to drag myself away from the toilet at midday, the ensuing cycle ride was not fun, and mainly involved Andy pedalling hard while I hunched over the handlebars groaning and sipping dioralyte.

Any other day, the momentous crossing of the border out of Cambodia for the final time would most likely have been greeted with sadness, however today we were more concerned with making it to Laos before the last ferry and sped through. 20km later we jumped on a tiny ramshackle long boat with our tandem and glided over to 4000 Islands as the sun set. After the previous nights adventures we decided to leave the gap year kids to their $3 riverside bungalows and splashed out on a room without rodents or termite nests.

Goodbye Cambodia

Hello Laos. What a beautiful border you have.

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4 Responses to April 2nd – Stung Treng to Don Khon (Laos!) – 74 km (Total 1570km)

  1. Guess which half of The Crew ? says:

    Along with the diorylate you also need some factor 50. I do not expect others appreciate the significance of dioylate and factor 50! The accommodation sounded awful.
    Hope you are feeling better.

  2. Denise says:

    meant to type, ‘diorylate’

  3. Mariola says:

    Farewell Cambodia, welcome to Laos, but not the greatest condition in which to leave or to arrive – the term mixed feelings come to mind. Do hope you’ve completely recovered Emma – great photo of the two of you, but maybe you look better than you were feeling.
    Looking forward to hearing your first impressions of Laos, well perhaps your second impressions as we know what you thought of the border!
    Much love to both and avoid dodgy food, M x

  4. M & M says:

    Hi from me as well – to wish you a more comfortable journey through pastures new in Laos (no pastures looming at the border by the looks, though). The last pictures from Cambodia were great – especially the incredible sunset of course. A lovely evening in which to say goodbye to Cambodia (or is it au revoir?)
    Having looked at Don Khong on Google satellite I now know what you mean by the 4000 islands. Shouldn’t take too long to bike around Don K though.
    Andrew – I’ve sent you an email about a couple of issues when you are able to check this.
    Hope you’re rested and more bacteriologically safely fed in your current hotel – and that Emma, you are feeling recovered now Enjoy the next leg of the tour

    All my love

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