20th – 24th March – Phonm Penh (off the bike – mainly)

The route: From hotel to every sports shop in town; then repeat

The photo:

Early morning martial arts

This was our fifth (cumulative) trip to Phnom Penh, and sadly it appears that the city is not a “grower”.  Absence has definitely not made andy’s heart any fonder for Cambodia’s capital city, and when trying to find street 95 in an apparently “logical” grid design where the numbering had gone from 45 straight to 247 and then back down to 80 even the noise of blaring car horns couldn’t drown out the  swearing and expressions of hatred for Phnom Penh that were coming out Boydy’s mouth.

The “rest” days were something of a misnomer, due in part to PP’s ridiculously difficult navigational system, Cambodian traffic’s  complete  disregard for all road rules, and a self imposed treasure hunt across PP to source crucial items such as cassette lock ring tools, valve adaptors and lycra compression arm coolers. It was so fun.

Luckily we managed to recoup some fun in the evenings and caught up with friends, ate our body weight in ice cream, and watched The Iron Lady. Well, the last 80minutes of it anyway  – thanks to PP’s exciting street numbering system.

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One Response to 20th – 24th March – Phonm Penh (off the bike – mainly)

  1. denise says:

    Enjoying your blog esp. the hot, exhausted, dehydrated descriptions!
    The other half of the Crew. x

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