21st March : Takeo to Phnom Penh – 82km (total 923km)

The route: The route : http://connect.garmin.com/activity/160054567

The photo:


Don't panic - this isn't some rubbernecking RTA photo - the guy under the van simply decided that the middle of the highway to the capital city would be the best place to carry out some impromptu repairs...

The chat : The mechanic with a death wish was the most exciting thing that happened all day – bar of course meeting up with our old friend Jules, who was looking more laconic and ripped than even we fondly recalled. Suffice to say, traffic in Phnom Penh is pretty wild, so we strapped on our helmets as we rolled into the city.

Arriving into a capital city by bike is an interesting experience. The pollution, noise, traffic and heat build and build with every kilometre and it was a relief to arrive at the now-familiar Mekong riverside and to our old favourite, Le Cyclo hotel:


Coldtub and bar on the roof

Waitresses in barely there denim shorts

A/C and a clean big room for $20 in a prime location


A relaxed approach to running water

A/C extractors that open INTO the building stair well – don’t touch the banister rail kids, you’ll burn your fingers…

I love you too

'Independence' Monument - though what value independence when your PM is worth $1bn and the average wage is $800/year?

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6 Responses to 21st March : Takeo to Phnom Penh – 82km (total 923km)

  1. Hello Tandemasia, here is Nomadeando (the 2 guys from Mexiko and Switzerland you met this afternoon). Don’t have your mobile number, therefore we write you here… We will not come for dinner tonight. I don’t feel good and with the rain now, we decided to stay in the hostel. sorry for this inconvenience. We will be in the city tomorrow as well, maybe we can meet…
    Greetings, Tanja & Fabián

    • tandemasia says:

      hey guys no worries, we went there at 8.15 and had a good but not cheap dinner! Have a good few days in PP – we left this morning on a very bumpy road to K Cham. What’s your blog address again please?

      Happy riding

    • tandemasia says:

      Hi guys,
      No worries re PP, hope the rest of your ride is going well. We’ve just been trying to find your blog – can we have the address again please? E + A x

  2. Lucy says:

    Love the photo of the car repairs in the middle of the road… Only in Cambodia!

  3. M & M says:

    Hi to you both

    Good to hear that you made it to downtown Phnom Penh safely. The route in must have been hell – were you monitoring your sats? We found the drive in stressful enough just sitting in the back of an air-conditioned limo!
    But pleased to find on Garmin that you seem to be holed up on the FCC block – I guess Happy Hour is just coming up (of which we have fond memories) so enjoy. Hope, like us, you get a window seat for people watching. And well done for getting across to the Independence Monument reservation – I decided against it in case our travel insurance wouldn’t cover any injury/fatality involved.
    As always it is really great to read the blogs and see the photos – hope you have a more restful day or so – is it along the Mekong next?

    All our love

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