14th – 17th March – Lazy Beach, Sihanoukville

The route : from beachside cabana to beach to beach bar and back

The photo:

Andy struggling to find high adrenaline activities

The chat:

After a gruelling 2 whole days back on the bike, we decided we deserved another rest day. Or two. Or three. Friends who had been to Cambodia had raved about a place called Lazy Beach, a “private tropical hideaway” on Koh Rong Saloem, an island a couple of hours boat ride from Sihanoukville (http://lazybeachcambodia.com/Home.html).

Sihanoukville had it’s attractions, especially for 18 year old gappers keen to drink as many buckets of cocktails as possible, and the offer of getting tattooed, waxed, get our laundry done, and get legal advice all in the same office-cum-laundrette-cum beauty parlour was seriously tempting, but luckily for Andy, I managed to drag him onto a leaving boat before  he splashed out on an eyebrow ring, dolphin tattoo and decree nisi*.

We swiftly left the seedy chaos of Sihanoukville behind, and breathed a sigh of relief as the boat pulled into our destination – a deserted island with white sand and palm trees and just 14 beach shacks scattered across it. Having snorkelled, kayaked, watched the sunset over cocktails a la hammock, and eaten a ridiculous amount of barbecued fish, we swiftly decided it would be prudent to extend our stay to 3 nights.

The rest of the time passed in a blissful haze: not wanting to depress those of you back in the UK too much I won’t go into detail, suffice to say it involved a lot of hammock swinging, fish, dolphin and bird spotting, child taming, and late night red wine drinking and pontificating with a crowd of fellow castaways. After 3 nights, there was serious danger that we were going to become like most of the staff, who had travelled to the resort on holiday, and then, as they called it “got stuck” and ended up working there for months,and in most cases years. It was time to leave. We bid a sad farewell, and headed back to Sihanoukville. Luckily the pain of departure was numbed somewhat by a beachside lunch of grilled seafood and freshly squeezed watermelon juice on a quieter sihanoukville beach, and our neglected tandem looked pleased to see us, if a bit cross at the abandonment.

* You can thank me later Mariola

Evening cocktails

The yoghurt comes highly recommended by Theo, the best travelled toddler in all of Christendom

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7 Responses to 14th – 17th March – Lazy Beach, Sihanoukville

  1. M & M says:

    Hi A&E – or perhaps E&A for a change –

    The island really does look idyllic – even on GoogleEarth via your Spot checkin; I’d already gleaned that you were 20m from a west facing white beach so the rest wasn’t hard to guess!

    But thanks as always for the blog info which we really enjoy – and now time to get back on the bike!

    Much love from us

  2. M & M says:

    You deserve instant thanks Emma – we are counting on you to steer Andrew away from the many zany temptations he might otherwise give in to, dolphin tattoos & eyebrow rings being just 2 examples. Please keep up the good work. Love to you both, M & M x

  3. Sisocheata Choeng says:

    Welcome back to our Cambodia. You both look happy. I wish i was there with you.

    Good luck and enjoy your days,

  4. Clare says:

    Right, I didn’t realise you could post comments on this – bad luck guys! Emma, I’m going to need a little bit of time to carefully compile some detailed criteria for the perfect child/ren which I would like kidnapped please. Theo ticks quite a few of the boxes, I must say. More info to come shortly.

    Hope all’s going well (I know it is because I’ve just spoken to Andy B) so I hope it continues to go well. The blog is fab, thank you for all the news!

    Loads of love

  5. Bup says:

    Dear Andrew and Emma,

    Thank you very much for your telephone. I am just watching your blog and photographs, I think you are very lucky with the elephant. I can see that you enjoy yourself very much.

    Lots of love,

  6. olivia and fred says:

    i wonder if you still look back at your blog. what a trip! soo…. what are you doing now? are you still together? any offspring? off on another adventure? i’m just cleaning up our list for our penna rossa gazette, and hesitated to take you off the list. long time no news, but a shame to let go of such a lovely couple with whom we shared such a sweet few days. theodore is now almost 7, just lost a tooth and is a wonderful big brother to Amelie Grace Goes. we are working hard setting up a family farm, living in a beautiful yurt, exhausted but happy. and we have a kitsch old 60s caravan to stay in if you fancy a visit to corsica. here’s hoping this message finds you, finds you well and together and just as full of beans! kisses from Fred, Kinaree, Theodore, Amelie

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