Rest Day 1 – Koh Kong

The (cheesy) photo:

The chat: Our first rest day! We celebrated it by taking a boat to a deserted island, as anyone would. Crystal clear waters, fish barbecued on the deserted beach, and no sign of (human) life with no more to do than float about with a snorkel and mask on proved a perfect antidote to sweating along melting tarmac highways.

To top it off we saw the diminutive river dolphins frolicking about in an opening to a mangrove forest, just before a beautiful sunset.

Tomorrow we’re back on the road – 1000m of climbing will help focus the mind on the task in hand somewhat! Away from internet for a few days so you can all breath a sigh of relief…

a tangle of mangroves

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3 Responses to Rest Day 1 – Koh Kong

  1. Denise Sherwood says:

    Sounds a great rest. We love the blogs .

  2. M & M says:

    A well-earned day off! Deserted island and dolphins sound absolutely idyllic. Looking forward to next instalment. x

    PS – A few days out of internet access sounds Spot on – to coin a phrase*
    PPS – I hereby undertake to make no further Spot puns in future.

  3. Sam El says:

    You guys have a great time.

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