Day 4 – Chanthaburi to Trat

The route:

The photo:



The chat: If you believed everything the LP said we’d have been cycling from one nondescript town to another, but once again staying (necessarily and slightly) off the tourist trail paid dividends.

We flew through the 80km, at an average speed of nearly 23km/h as those of you who are following our virtual route above will already have noted, with time en route only for bananas and a quick detour to the Wepa wetlands. This one way road passed through mangroves and brackish waterways, before ending abruptly at a deserted pier at a beautiful estuary – we didn’t hesitate to dive into the salty water and cool off from the heat. 

Back on the main road the traffic and the heat (38 degrees at 10.30 a.m.) killed the conversation and we hammered on into Chantaburi.

This provincial riverside town had everything we needed – great accommodation in the Ban Jaidee guest house, great street food (see below) and more wifi points than Singapore. Back to Kampuchea tomorrow!



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4 Responses to Day 4 – Chanthaburi to Trat

  1. Malcolm says:

    Hi to you both – the blog and the pictures are really great (I’d expected a functional update once a week at best). Not sure how you find the energy after a hot slog every day. But Andrew I’m worried about your baseball cap – is it too tight? you had hair at the leaving party but now it’s gone! Good luck at the border back into Cambodia – loads of love X

  2. Charlie says:

    I’m not sure why I’m reading this blog as I weep with envy each time. I can almost taste those noodles! Apparently most babies don’t go on bikes till they are 1 year old so still 7 months to wait. Vicariously traveling with you, Charlie. xxx

  3. Juan Pidgeon says:

    Shaved head, ‘skinny’ arms, slightly yellow tinge…. Boydy chose not to choose life – he chose something else……

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