Day 3 – Pailin to Chantaburi

The route:

The photo:


The chat: A dawn departure was greeted by a beautiful sunrise, cool temperatures, and a queue-free border crossing. The tandem continues to excite interest – one chap nearly drove his moto of the road, whilst undertaking us and going round a corner simultaneously. He was also balancing a child, a grass strimmer and a bag of corn on said machine, and trying to capture us on his camera phone. Only in Cambodia…

West Thailand is a little like Cambodia, with a few differences. Driving on the left we learnt quickly, but our rudimentary Khmer isn’t going to get us far here so a few Thai words will need learning in the next few days. Also, the food might possibly be slightly better – som toh Kampuchea!

We arrived in Chantaburi, a provincial town, with little expectations, dismissed as it is by the Lonely Planet. It’s actually a delightful riverside town off the tourist trail, with a special interest in gemstone shops and one way streets. Our hotel is hilarious.

A chance encounter with old-ish friends means we’ll have a local taking us out somewhere special for dinner – more noodles please…

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4 Responses to Day 3 – Pailin to Chantaburi

  1. Choeng Sisocheata says:

    Good to see that you arrived Thailand. Today, there was a heavy rain and the office became a swimming pool. And how was your journey today? Did you get wet?

    Good luck, my friends. We miss both of you.

    • tandemasia says:

      Cheats we love you! We are loving the little patches of rain as it’s soooo much cooler afterwards. Journey going well and we’re beginning to get used to the heat. Having some yummy thai food (no brownies or scones yet though somtoh). Back in camboooodia tomorrow which is good as we are miming actions for everything in thailand! We miss you too! xxx

  2. Denise Sherwood says:

    You have travelled so far !
    I told you it would be hot !
    Your descriptive narrative skills are excellent Andrew; I can readily imagine it all.
    Thank you for the regular postings.
    Denise x

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