Day 1 – Battambang -> Samlout

It should have been so easy… A send off coffee from our friends at Kinyei café (LINK) a rousing send off from the MJP office staff and a ride out to Samlout, where we’ve been doing our fieldwork. However, over reliance on the wonders of Google maps meant that the first 40km took 3 hours thanks to a spectacularly dreadful dirt road – a 4WD would have struggled, and Rudy the tandem, fully laden, didn’t know what had hit him. We (along with our boho artist/cycling/ social entrepreneur Jam, who had bravely joined us for the morning) stumbled into a roadside eatery with the temperature pushing 41 degrees. Em and I didn’t speak much but we were both thinking the same – maybe those naysayers who’d advised us against cycling Cambodia in the hot season were right all along. Somewhat cooler after lunch and iced tea, we rolled back into the oven, where Bob, an Aussie friend, jonied us for the 40km on dirt roads to Samlout FHQ. This was a journey we had done many times (by car) and I recalled it as ‘rolling’ at worst. Actually it was damn hilly, and a combination of washboard road, heat, dust and the morning’s exertion had us at a crawl for much of the afternoon. If it hadn’t been for the perfect support of Steph, with water, music, and dancing, we’d have been in an even sorrier state. The evening however was a much more enjoyable experience with a BBQ and short film show under the stars of Samlout with 30 of the friends we’ve made in the past months. Bliss!

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2 Responses to Day 1 – Battambang -> Samlout

  1. nicknickboyd says:

    Maybe you could just stay in Samlout for a few months. Give the SPOT tracker to a tour bus driver, or attach it to a migrating bird, and no one will know…

  2. Richard says:

    i think your saddle is too low andrew, thats 50w right there you are losing

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