Leaving Party

The time has finally come to leave Battambang, but not without a big final party. 50 of our favourite Battambangers came to help us celebrate a fantastic 5 months working and living in Cambodia’s finest city. What started as a fairly sedate staff party rapidly turned into a cocktail and dance fuelled frenzy, culminating in an unwise trip to Sky Bar (Battambang’s premier nightclub) and after party ending as the sun came up.

Thanks Team MJP – best colleagues ever! And goodbye (for now) to all our friends in the bong – we’ll be back.

Things we’ll miss…

Swimming in rivers at sunset after a day in the field

Ridiculously competitive after work ping pong

The dark horses and fragile grammar at work in the health team

Rustic bear accommodation, rustic mini stores, rustic helipads, rustic honeymoon suites

Flat whites , scones, afragados…in fact everything and everyone at Kinyei

The daily excitement and uncertainty of work snacks

Red wine overlooking the river at Eden


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4 Responses to Leaving Party

  1. Lucy says:

    Sounds like the leaving party was amazing! Good luck and have a last glass of wine in Eden for me!

  2. Charlie says:

    Life in Battambang sounds amazing. I’ll be watching your blog with interest over the next 5 months. Good luck on your journey

  3. Melina Chan says:

    Heard the trip to Samlout was a bit hairy, what time did you guys arrive? Coincidentally had a friend bike into Battambang this morning who was planning a mission down to Koh Kong from Pursat, the same route you guys were considering. He’s biking in a half marathon on Sunday, so there’s probably not enough time for him to get there by then, don’t ya think? 😉

    • tandemasia says:

      I think not too… Realise this is so late as to be totally useless but still getting the hang of this blog lark! Note we didn;t go that route, we’re on the better (but longer) road through Thailand. He sounds like a dude though! We’re gonna be back in Kampuchea tomorrow, in Koh Kong so if he’s close give him our deets xx

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